Action Movie Star Hussain Sadiqi

Name: Hussain SadiqiBirthplace: OruzganDOB: 10 March 1979

Name: Hussain Sadiqi
Birthplace: Oruzgan
DOB: 10 March 1979

Martial Arts expert Hussain Sadiqi was born on 10 march 1979, in the central highlands of Afghanistan Oruzgan Province. He began his Martial Arts training when he was only 9 years old. He attained the top ranking Martial Arts person in Afghanistan in his early young age and become a national champion of Martial Arts at the age of 16. At the age of 18 he became the captain of Afghanistan National Team. In 1999 unfortunately he had to flee Afghanistan because of several years of war and becoming a target due to his high Martial Arts profile.

His journey began in 1999 when left Afghanistan in search of a new homeland at the age of 21 Hussain Sadiqi was considered a Taliban target due to his high martial art’s profile and well known he was easy to be located at the same time his family paid 5000USD to a smuggler to get Hussain Sadiqi out of Afghanistan to safety. His journey from central Afghanistan to Pakistan than moving to Indonesia and then to get aboard on a fishing boat along with 147 other asylums towards his current homeland took three months to reach Australia.

Soon arriving in Australia he being sent to detention center for six months until he was released on a temporary protection visa, after being released from detention center Afghans put him in touch with the Afghan embassy in Canberra and he was asked to compete in Taekwondo for the Afghan team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics couple of days before the games started the international Olympic committee banned Afghan athlete because the Taliban which controlled the Afghanistan would not let women compete. In Sydney Olympics his dreams remainddreams to fight for Afghanistan in 2004 Athens Olympic he couldn’t take part because of any injury.

Action Hero


Picture from Arts Of Fighting

Hussain Sadiqi gained a measure of fans with his Martial arts based documentary “THE ART OF FIGHTING” directed by Gavaine Broune. In which he is carrying childhood memories of a desolate mountainous region of central Afghanistan and the battered photograph of Bruce Lee shown to him by his older brother. Hussain Sadiqi on Martial Arts is on the cusp of pursuing his lifelong dream. When Sadiqi was growing up in Afghanistan he harbored two dreams one to take part in the Olympics. The other dream he nursed was to become a star of a Martial Arts film like his childhood hero Bruce Lee. In 2008 he won an award for the best fight scene for Australian-made action movie “Among the dead men” at the action on Film International Film Festival in Pasadena, California. The award was for the best action in a Feature Film in a field of 300 entries from around the world.

Sadiqi’s word of the festival award “I feel blessed as somebody from Afghanistan because as soon as you hear about Afghanistan, people think war, poverty, and terrorism but from such a country where I did very hard training to reach that level and then beating all these people from all around the world especially with many Chinese Masters I feel great”.

The Sadiqi’s next movie is with the greatest master of the world Tino Ceberano, Who is a key figure in Australian Martial Arts history.

As a Volunteer

Sadiqi have worked as a volunteer assisting people and new arrivals to Australia for the past ten years. He was also a community leader and spokesperson for the Hazara community residing in Western Australia. He has also been working as a sports officer with a non-profitable organization to help refugee kids from all around the world. He was a model role to encourage and engage them to the Australian Culture through sports such as Australian Football.

As a refugee advocate he has visited a number of detention centers within Australia and Europe countries. In 2011 he was invited to Geneva as a guest speaker to talk about human rights and refugees to international law students to create awareness of refugee and their values. At the same duration he a visit to refugee camps in Greece. Greece is considered as the gate of Europe and every year thousands of asylum seekers from Afghanistan enter into Greece aiming to enter European safety. Most of these people are escaping war, violence, racial discrimination and Genocide in Afghanistan and hope to begin a life without fear and violence in Europe. Where he noticed the condition of refugees are not so good and wrote a report on the plight of refugees in Greece calling on the UNHCR and Red Cross to take notice.

On 7 December 2012 Sadiqi visited a refugee camp under 18 in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul, turkey. Where they warmly and spiritually welcomed him he heard them and answered.

Award and Achievements

At the age of 27 he achieved 2 gold medals in the field of Shaolin Kung Fu in Australia graduated from the university fine arts in the year 2008.

Now teaching Wushu the youths in the city of Perth Australia.

In 2008 Sadiqi won an award for the best fight scene for Australian-made action movie “Among Dead Men”.

Best choreography in California USA at AOF International film festival between 300 film worldwide.

On 30 October 2012 Hussain Sadiqi won a gold medal in kung fu at international Martial Arts competition.


Travelling to Europe Sadiqi met with Hazaras from different countries including in detention centers in Holland and Turkey. Whom he told “it doesn’t matter if you are a refugee because you now live in a country of peace and can reach your dream” Sadiqi now plans to start a non-government organization to promote education and sports in the remote areas of Afghanistan Bamyan Province. And plan to open a top Martial Arts school in Afghanistan that will produce some of the top Martial Arts talent who can go on to represent the Afghanistan’s National Team.

He wants to make his contribution to Afghanistan for a better life and peace. Sadiqi may your journey through life be an adventure of discovery and growth, you may succeed in your plans and all your dreams come true and have a prosperous life ahead.

I will be clapping at every hit of you in evil’s face.

We will meet on a Big Screen Inshallah.

I am a Medicine Student from Quetta. I tweet at @AsmatHosaini and can be reached at

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