6th day of Hunger Strike KABUL (When you are living in a Prejudice society)

6 days ended that a large group of male and female students from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Kabul University has sat on hunger strike and in a sit-in protest in front of  the parliament building since May 20. The number of the students were around 70 where it increased day by day and … Continue reading

Hazara Town Blast Martyrs Crossed Hundred.

It is most likely an explosive by water tanker market area and detonated by a suicide bomber was given. The water tank exploded his car was left only a cloth and there was nothing. Maybe the explosion in Pakistan’s history, which is a thousand kilograms of explosives were used, I don’t have in my mind … Continue reading

Intense bursts in Quetta.

Just two hours before the day Saturday, 16.02.2013, fruit and vegetable wholesale market explosion took place at the boundary. The explosion was strong enough to have its voice heard around Quetta. The explosion completely destroyed nearby houses, Fruit, vegetable stalls and vehicles that were passing, most of them are burned. Doors and windows of houses … Continue reading


Chinese welcomed the arrival of the Year of the Snake with raucous celebrations on Saturday, setting off a cacophony of firecrackers in the streets and sending fireworks blazing into the sky to bring good fortune. Celebrations will carry on into the early hours of Sunday, officially the first day of the Lunar New Year. Firecrackers … Continue reading

Action Movie Star Hussain Sadiqi

Martial Arts expert Hussain Sadiqi was born on 10 march 1979, in the central highlands of Afghanistan Oruzgan Province. He began his Martial Arts training when he was only 9 years old. He attained the top ranking Martial Arts person in Afghanistan in his early young age and become a national champion of Martial Arts … Continue reading

Thank You For Your Support

January 14 after the acceptance of their demand for imposition of governor’s rule in Baluchistan, the Hazara Shia community ended their four-day protest on Monday and buried amid tears and sobs the bodies of their 86 loved ones killed in the twin bomb blasts. Hundreds of thousands of people, including women and children, attended funerals of the victims. … Continue reading

Alamdar Road Protest sit-in continuous (3rd Day)

According to sources, instead of panic situation in province, Aslam Raisani so called Chief Minister of Baluchistan is enjoying holidays in Dubai. Aslam Raisani is well aware of the current situation in the province but he will return Pakistan after two days. It is to be mentioned here that Baluchistan seemed to be badly hit … Continue reading

Protest With Dead Bodies & Hunger Strike

Families of Hazara Shia Muslims targeted in twin bombings that killed at least 106 people in the Pakistani city of Quetta are refusing to bury their dead unless the government does more to protect them from increasing violence targeting their sect. Hazara Protesters in Quetta have staged a sit-in since Friday evening, and demonstrations were … Continue reading


I am Hazara carrying Mongol facial feature mostly living in Afghanistan, where mainly inhabit the Hazarajat region. It is about the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. About 350,000 Hazara living in Iran and over 121,000 Pakistani Hazaras mostly living in Pakistan’s largest province Baluchistan, small number of Hazara have migrated to Australia, Europe and … Continue reading

Quetta : Alamdar Roadd blasts crossed 106 killled and left 150+ injured

QUETTA: At least 106 people including a private news channel cameraman and a DSP, were killed as two back-to-back bomb blasts hit the city Thursday evening, Geo News reported. Sources told Geo News the first blast, was a suicide one was reported from Rehmattullah Chowk on Alamdar Road, whereas the second one which struck Airport … Continue reading